Finding Dental Assistant Jobs

Becoming a dental assistant can offer you job security in a field with growing prospects. Within the next ten years, the dental assistant career field is expected to be among the fastest-growing career fields, with the number of jobs raising as much as 36%. There are even places of employment that hire dental assistants at the entry level with no prior experience, although this is not always possible if the state you’re in requires licensure. If you receive training and certification, you’ll have an even greater chance of securing a position.

Dental offices are the most frequent employers of dental assistants—as many as 93% of dental assistants work at dentists’ offices. With the growing population and an older population that is more prone to keeping their natural teeth due to a lifetime of dental care, the need for dentists is growing. As new dentists enter the field, they are in need of more dental assistants.

While you’re most likely to work at a dental office as a dental assistant, there are a number of other places where you may find employment as a dental assistant. Physicians’ offices sometimes are in need of dental assistants, as are educational institutions, the armed forces, and medical hospitals. You may also be able to work a flexible dental assistant position through an employment services company that will send you on temporary assignments.

Although you’re likely to find a position as a dental assistant, you may encounter some difficulty finding a position in rural areas if there’s more competition for limited positions. In order to increase your chances of getting work as a dental assistant, you should complete a dental assistant training program and get certification in your state. You may also consider moving to an area with a larger population, which is bound to have more dental assistant positions available.

Choosing a career as a dental assistant can offer you job security and a livable wage. It can also lead to a higher-paying position in the dental industry once you gain experience in the field and choose to pursue more education. Many dental hygienists and dental office managers began their careers as dental assistants.

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