Drafting your Dental Assistant Resume

Once you’ve become a certified dental assistant, you’ll need to find an amenable dental practice at which to work and the first step toward starting your new career is to draft an effective dental assistant resume. If you’ve already been a dental assistant for a time but want to change practices or need to find work after a break from work or a move to a new location, you’ll still need to polish off your dental assistant resume before you begin your job search. Your dental assistant resume could make or break your chances at finding a position in this field, especially since openings are usually relegated only to new dental practices or openings after current dental assistants transfer jobs.

No matter the stage you’re at in your dental assistant career, you’ll want to remember to focus on your relevant strengths while writing your dental assistant resume. Potential employers will want to know about your educational background, your certification and any relevant experience. If you’re new to the field, you can pad your resume with other work and leadership experience, just to demonstrate your work ethic and motivation. Just remember never to lie or exaggerate on your dental assistant resume—these things are easy enough to check—and to keep your dental assistant resume down to one page. Use proactive words whenever possible.

” for a person new to the field. If you already have experience in the field, you will want to highlight that experience and remove references to any non-dental assistant experience if you need the room to fit all of your information on one page of your dental assistant resume.

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