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Bladder cancer causes the growth of abnormal cells within the bladder, as is a relatively common but very serious condition.  It ranks ninth in cancer prevalence among women and is the fourth most common type of cancer that men can get.  Left untreated, bladder cancer can spread into other parts of the body and can quite possibly cause death.  There are a number of different symptoms for the condition as well as a number of possible treatments.  And while specific causes are still unknown, there are numerous things that have been linked to this dangerous disease.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with bladder cancer, you probably have hundreds of questions about it and will probably need as much support and knowledge as you can find.  Luckily, the internet can help you find out all that you need to know.  Whether it’s basic information, news on new developments, or just stories from those who have been dealing with bladder cancer, a number of different blogs exist that can help you.  Here are twenty five of the best.

General Info Blogs

Once you’re diagnosed, the questions will follow.  While your doctor will likely help explain your initial questions, you’ll undoubtedly have even more questions.  These blogs help give you basic information about bladder cancer.

  1. Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network – Here you’ll get information about the various types of treatment used against bladder cancer, a list of the symptoms, and be able to connect and communicate with members of the network for answers and support.
  2. Go Bladder – All of your bladder and bladder cancer questions are covered at this blog, which provides info on the basic functions of the bladder as well as reviewing the different treatment options for bladder cancer patients.  The blog writer also takes the time to answer visitor’s questions.
  3. Cancer Connect – This is the first stop for many recently diagnosed with bladder cancer, and with good reason.  Not only does the blog provide a quality, comprehensive overview of bladder cancer, it also provides numerous links to support groups and informative resources.
  4. Elekta Blog – This medical blog focuses primarily on cancer and neuroscience and provides an overview of the symptoms and treatments for bladder cancer as well as highlighting some of the most common risk factors and possible causes.
  5. Bladder Cancer WebCafe – This blog helps you understand the basics of bladder cancer and its treatment, provides links to resources and support, and allows you to become a part of a community that is made up of those with bladder cancer.  You can interact with others and even post your own bladder cancer experiences on a blog.
  6. NHSUK – The UK’s National Health Service hosts this blog and offers a wealth of info on bladder cancer including its treatments, symptoms, and causes.  It’s a great starting point for your research and can help you gain a better understanding about the disease.
  7. Cut Your Cancer Risk – This Australian based blog focuses on steps that you can take to avoid cancer by cutting out risk factors.  You’ll find nutritional tips, health tips, and bladder cancer related information.

Research and News

Knowing the newest cancer related news can help give you hope or lead you to new treatment options.  These blogs keep you up to date on the latest developments.

8.  Cancer News – This blog gathers together news reports related to all types of cancer and helps keep you up to date on new discoveries and treatments for bladder cancer.

9.  Johns Hopkins Bladder Cancer Blog – Johns Hopkins is world renowned, and Dr. David Berman, a leading bladder cancer researcher for the hospital, posts regular updates here.  You’ll find out all about the newest research and be able to participate in discussions with other blog visitors.

10.  Know Cancer.com – Visiting this site will let you find out more about the most recent cancer research, read stories from those with cancer, and find out about the basics of bladder cancer.

11.  Bladder Cancer Topix Blog – This site functions as a blog and a search engine and gives you a look at all of the bladder cancer news worth reading about.

12.  Medicineworld Bladder Cancer News – A compilation of the newest news articles related to bladder cancer. 

13.  Natural News Bladder Cancer – This blog gathers the most recent reports related to bladder cancer for your review, and tries to focus on natural ways to help cope with the condition.

14.  Cancer Page – This site is devoted to all types of cancer and is divided according to types.  Get news and info on bladder cancer easily thanks to the search feature.

Personal Blogs

Many people choose to cope with their bladder cancer by posting regular blogs about it, and reading them can help you understand what it’s like to live with this condition as well as help you find the strength and inspiration to overcome it.

15.  When You Both Have Cancer – Written by a husband and wife who each have cancer, this blog gives you a look at a couple’s life living with the condition while trying to find some levity in the situation.  He has bladder cancer, she has breast cancer.

16.  Life in the Cancer Fallout Zone – This blog focuses not on those with cancer, but on those who care for them.  Caring for a loved one with cancer can be an emotional, difficult process and this blog helps.

17.  My Cancer, Since Everyone Has to Know – The blog writer here tries to use humor to help highlight his fight against bladder cancer and has been going strong since 2010.

18.  Got Bladder Cancer – For the last three years the writer of this blog has been sharing his struggle with bladder cancer, giving you a personal look at living with the condition as well as helping explain basic information on it.

19.  Living with Bladder Cancer – A woman with bladder cancer posts updates here to help inspire and inform visitors by sharing her daily life and all of her struggles.

20.  Surviving Bladder Cancer – Using occasionally graphic descriptions, the author of this blog talks about all aspects of living with bladder cancer, surviving it, and living as a survivor. 

21.  My Bladder Cancer Journey – Another blog that helps provide inspiration and information at the same time by detailing treatments and life as a bladder cancer patient.

22.  Live Strong – You’re probably already familiar with the title, and this is indeed the official blog from the Live Strong site ran by Lance Armstrong.  You’ll find coping tips, a look at symptoms and treatment, and personal stories about life with cancer and overcoming it.

23.  My Cancer – NPR, the National Public Radio, runs this blog that is posted on by a variety of writers.  Hear from cancer survivors, find out more about bladder cancer, and read daily accounts of life with cancer.

24.  Blog for a Cure – Scores of cancer related blogs are combined here, at what is basically a massive online support group.  Various sections are related to specific cancers but you can learn much from all of the different postings here, from bladder cancer and beyond.

25.  Cancer Forums – More like a support group or online community than a blog, these forums are devoted to cancer of all types and can help you find more info on bladder cancer, connect with other patients, and keep up to date on cancer information.

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