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Feeling business pressure to reduce costs, improve process but not sure what to do? Do you see your competitors growing and you are wondering how you can grow in today’s marketplace? We are an outsourcing company that partners with you to help you grow, reduce costs and let you focus on your primary core businesses. Why Outsource – you see your competitors outsourcing, you hear stories that it works great and doesn’t work at all. Why are we different? First – outsourcing is not a magic bullet, like anything else; outsourcing requires careful planning and management. For a successful outcome – here are some tips: Do:

  • Document your business process and identify the tasks to be outsourced,
  • Understand each task to be outsourced, you will need to provide detailed documentation illustrating exactly what must be done to perform each task,
  • Measure the effort involved for each task so you can understand the value your outsourcing partner is providing,
  • Start with small tasks that are easy to measure your success by and provide low risk to your business,
  • Allow a specific period of time to allow the new work-flow to “settle down”, actively manage this time to provide any mid-course correction to improve the initial process,
  • Continuously monitor and evaluate your outsourcing partner’s value. Meet with them on a regular basis to manage their performance. A large outsourced staff requires dedicated local management to work with the outsourced team.


  • Base your outsourcing vendor selection solely on price. Understand who they are and what they provide,
  • Hand work over to them on a “set and forget” basis – manage the outcome of the work the outsourcing partner is performing.

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