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What is Tramadol?

Although Tramadol is far not new medicine, numerous disputes around it are widespread till these days. Some specialists believe its narcotic, while others continue to save thousands of people with controlled and correctly picked dose of the drug. Let’s see, what’s going on with Tramadol.

To begin with, Tramadol is a drug, which acts mainly on the central nervous system. That’s why, it has a strong analgesic activity and provides a quick and lasting effect.

Indications for Tramadol use include:

– the average intensity of pain syndrome in malignant tumors
– acute myocardial infarction
– trauma
– diagnostic and therapeutic procedures
– neuralgia

Comparing to other drugs, Tramadol has more benefits, but only if you take it according to prescription:

* increased duration of action – comfortable intake 2 times a day;
* maintaining a constant drug concentration in the plasma, resulting in prevention of pain peaks and in optimizing control of chronic pain;
* prevention of high plasma concentrations, which reduces the frequency of early side effects;

What diseases are treated with the drug?

The most frequent cases when patients are prescribed Tramadol – cancer pain and neuralgia.

Quite often, people at the time of pain in the heart think about heart attack. Don’t “bury yourself ahead of time.” It is possible that you have a neuralgia. Namely – the intercostal neuralgia. This disease is also one of the most unpleasant. However, early visit to the doctor will help you to get rid of it forever.

Intercostal neuralgia symptoms are bouts of pain around the trunk of the nerve or its branches. During the attack you notice burning, tingling, numbness. That is why the intercostal neuralgia pain gives not only in the heart, but also under the shoulder blade, back and waist.

The causes are different: injury, effects on the heavy metals, bacteria, toxins, and some drugs.

Tramadol is shown as the most effective and well tolerated medication for patients with neuralgia. But, it should be taken only according to prescription and under strict supervision of your doctor.
The drug prescription informs about addiction, so be attentive. The risk category includes: people with chronic pain, narcotic and alcohol abusers, healthcare professionals.

Patients caution before intake of the pill

Tramadol is prescribed drug, thus, buying it, you will be informed about necessary precautions, which you should follow. Among them are:

– Hypersensitivity to the drug or other ingredients.
– Respiratory or severe depression of the central nervous system (alcohol poisoning, sleeping pills, narcotic analgesics, psychotropic drugs).
– Concomitant use of MAO inhibitors and a two-week period after their withdrawal.
– The age of 14 years.

According to studies, sometimes, the use of Tramadol causes mental and physical dependence. Overdose is deadly. Long-term use of this medication is harmful to internal organs, especially the liver. Adolescents who use Tramadol without control, in the future, may have problems with sexual function.

Tramadol and pregnancy: how to be?

During pregnancy and lactation women should behave such way, in order to avoid all the risks of diseases and medicine therapy. But there are cases, when the help of even such strong drug as Tramadol is vitally necessary to mom’s and fetus life. So, when and how pregnant can take Tramadol:

* Tramadol capsules – safe use in pregnancy has not been established. Use of the drug is possible during pregnancy (II and III trimester) only under strict medical supervision, if the benefit to the mother outweighs the risk to the fetus.

* Tramadol injection – during pregnancy and lactation use is possible only for health reasons, the application must be limited to a single dose.

* Tramadol rectal suppositories – contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation.

* Tramadol tablets – the patient should avoid prolonged use of Tramadol because of the risk of addiction in the fetus and withdrawal symptoms in the neonatal period.

If necessary, admission during lactation should be in a small doses, because even a small amount of the drug is excreted in breast milk.

Be aware, that many drugs can have adverse effects on the embryo or fetus and even cause malformations of the child. In addition, the drugs, taken from the mother’s milk fall into the baby’s body and act on it. Therefore, pregnant and lactating women should be very careful about the use of any medicines.

Tramadol and children: to give or not to give

Tramadol is an adult medication. It is not prescribed and recommended for use in children under 14 years. But, in very rare cases, only Tramadol capsules are prescribed for infants under control of medical stuff. Anyway, consult a doctor about necessary Tramadol dose in particular your case.

Tramadol for sale: forms of drug release

The drug is available in the form of:

– Tablets
– Capsules
– Drops
– Ampoule
– Rectal suppositories

Tramadol is also contained in the composition of other painkillers.

Where and how to buy Tramadol without prescription

The main method of treatment of acute and chronic pain syndromes in medicine today is a systemic pharmacotherapy. The latter can be carried out using different methods of analgesic administration into the body (reception orally, rectally, sublingually, by injection), but in any case, a drug, being absorbed, enters the systemic circulation and then to the place of action.

For the treatment of low intensity pain, according to WHO, it is recommended to use different non-opioid analgesics, among which Tramadol is, for pain of moderate and high intensity.

All opioid agonists, except for Tramadol, have a specific ability to cause dependence – physical and mental, so by International Convention they are included in the category of drugs under control and are subject to special rules for the appointment, discharge, registration, storage, transportation, reporting, certain relevant orders of Ministry of Health.

Tramadol represents an exception and does not apply to drugs, because, according to an extensive international experience, there was not obtained clear evidence for the development of dependence on Tramadol.

Despite the fact that Tramadol doesn’t belong to this strict list, it is still available according to prescription. That’s mean, if you decided to conduct self therapy, it will difficult to buy Tramadol at common street pharmacy. But, with the great variety of certified online shops, you can order generic Tramadol without prescription. In this case, be sure to take all responsibilities of treatment on yourself. The advice is the following: order Tramadol online, but take it after consultation with the doctor, keeping all his further instructions.

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