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Sailing in the Adriatic in Dalmatia

If you are looking for an adventure and a very special way to enjoy your vacation cruise in the Adriatic Sea Croatia restored old boat is for you.

The closest thing to this experience is at the Windjammer in Maine, USA. But instead of sailing the ocean Atlantic, raw, you’re sailing in the calm blue waters of the Adriatic Sea.

Dalmatia has a temperate climate. Winters are short and mild summers long and hot. Due to the geographical position of Dalmatia, the winds are usually very pleasant. On average, every two days, Dalmatia is sunny and bright. All these features climate makes it a most desirable Dalmatian on our planet and cruising in Dalmatia election the most popular resorts.

For this experiment, should be fit, agile, flexible and enjoy meeting people from all over Europe. These boats have sails high, but often managed by the engines as the wind is low and unpredictable. The ability of these small vessels is a town only twenty or so. The cabins are at the base and small and are not soundproof, accessible by steep narrow stairs. Some ships have a private room for each cabin while others are shared.

These adventures are for vacationers who enjoy swimming, sunbathing and snorkeling can be done immediately, the ship, as anchored in beautiful places. If you like camping, do not require a lot of privacy, and comfortable with informal living, you’re a good candidate for this adventure holiday. Every night, the docks for your boat or on the islands or the mainland, so you can socialize and enjoy the food outlets and shops before returning to the ship for the night.

There is no need or room for a wardrobe of luxury handbags or more. This is a trip to the T-shirts, swimsuits, some towels, much sunscreen in a small suitcase.

Every ship has its own chef who prepares meals at home with products local meat and fish every day in the casual dining room. Sharing meals, as passengers can discuss, make new friends and learn about Croatia during their trip.

Cruises in Croatia, one of the many comfortable gullets charter is your holiday option where you can decide where and how to spend your time. Jumping from one to another island, visiting secluded coves and small fishing villages and enjoy the natural splendor of the Adriatic coast.

A cruise is a great way to vacation. Chartering a throat gives you freedom, a cruise or a hotel can offer. There are fixed routes, so you’re free to go wherever and whenever you please visit the ancient sites and ruins, swimming in clear water and remote caves, dress as you like and eat what you think.

The crew is at your service, just for you. Have as much fun or tranquility you want and when they want. Thousand Islands, all in the Adriatic, Croatian good food – all located in the heart of Europe! Croatia has always been the best secret preserved of European seafarers.

There is no better way to see Croatia, but the veil to discover the country of thousand islands and more.

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