Do dreams really come true?


Ever since I was a small child, I’d see visions and dreams.  When they came to fruition, they were just as I saw them.  I put so much faith in believing God for what I saw.  Seven months ago, I saw a calendar date and instantly, I knew the day of the week it was on.  That day came and nothing manifested.  I feel so much of my life was tied to this vision. I believed God and now I’m lost.  I don’t have anyone in my life that I can trust, not even my parents.  If I can’t trust God anymore, what’s left for me?


Beloved, you have never been able to trust anyone but God, not even your parents.  While it is true that, for a child, parents are to be the closest human representation of God, the Scripture says “Trust God, not man.”  Even as a child must grow and learn to trust parents (or more precisely, to trust the God in the parents), as adults we must learn to practice the presence and purpose of God in our lives so that we grow and learn to trust Him, and Him alone.  God is, and has always been,faithful and trustworthy;  but we are not born with the ability to trust Him.  Part of His purpose in history (his story) is reconciling man unto Himself, so that man will trust Him and never doubt His goodness, and truthfulness, and faithfulness and trustworthiness again.  Eve’s doubt was the door that let Satan into the garden.  Adam’s silence sealed the deal and God has been waiting for man to trust Him ever since.

Please know that dreaming is allowed by God;  may be ordained by God; and certainly can be used by God for His purpose.  Somewhere in your dreams dwells the purpose of God in your life and in the world.  You need to seek His face regarding His perfect and particular purpose in your life;  but, in the world, we know that God’s purpose is the reconciling of man unto Himself.  His purpose is pregnant with a desire for greater intimacy with man, better communication with man and eternal fellowship with man.  Are you frustrating the purpose of God in your life and in the world by your selfish and immature response to His gift of dreams?  Have you kept your dream relationship with God to yourself, not giving Him the glory through your personal testimony?  Have you put God into a dream box, and in doing so, put limits on His grace towards you, and on your growth towards Him?


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