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One of my all-time favorite things to do is to try something I’ve never done before.  I love the excitement, the new experience, and the little rush or fear I might get around it.  And it doesn’t necessarily have to be a big thing at all.  It can be visiting a new restaurant, trying a new crafty thing, discovering a new band.  I can’t really explain why it’s so exciting for me, but there is something about constantly doing new things that keeps my heart singing and my brain happy.

So because I like lists, here’s last week of new things in review:

1. Visited Palm Springs: Such a cute town!  I loved walking around, checking out the arts festival there, eating at some great restaurants, and just relaxing.

Palm Springs

2. Tried/Made Vegan Chocolate Pumpkin Bread Pudding: I’d never had any kind of bread pudding before, but a friend of mine was making it for his family’s Thanksgiving so I helped and it turned out delicious!!!

3. Taught a Private Yoga Lesson to Someone Who Had Never Done Yoga:  I’ve taught a lot of classes with total newbies in the mix, but never done a one-on-one session with someone who was totally foreign to the practice and it was so cool!  We got to stop and talk about alignment and she could ask any questions she wanted to.  Man, I love teaching!

4. Made an Apple Pie From Scratch: It turned out mad good!  My friend Lauren had me come over to her house (see Playing with Toys for more pics!) and we made apple pie from scratch that was also vegan and it was seriously good!  She walked me through all the steps to make it all pretty-like and when I was done, I felt like a little kid who just painted a really good painting and wanted to show it off to the world.

I Made This Pie!!!

5. Visited Dogtown Coffee in Santa Monica:  I pass it every day on my way to yoga and think it looks really cool, but have never stopped in.  So when a girl in class showed up with a Dirty Soy Chai, I decided after class I was gonna get me one of those.  It was definitely cool inside; exposed wood, pictures of skaters, surfers, and a lot of natural light.  They also sold Mr. Zog’s Sex Wax which always has a little place in my heart because he was one of my dad’s old surfing buddies.  The Chai was good (no Bhakti Chai for sure… which you need to try if you haven’t), the menu was filled with nice options, and everyone was really friendly and chill… just what I like in a coffee shop!

Dogtown Coffee

Also new this week in the world of my music collection:Cat Power– Sun, Amanda Palmer Featuring The Grand Theft Orchestra– Theatre is Evil, Beach House– Bloom, Grizzly Bear– Shields , Mumford & Sons– Babel, Patrick Watson-Adventures in Your Own Back Yard, and the single “I Felt You” by Project Primal.  Check these tunes out!

So tell me, what new things have you done lately?  What are you wanting to do?  Have anything I should try?!

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