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What Are Some of The Biggest Solution/Software Providers of Virtual Events Technology?

Businesses that have offices or clients residing in different areas around the world, realize how critical it is to stay connected with the influential entities within their organizations. One of the best ways to stay connected with employees and clients is by using virtual events technology. Virtual events technology will help businesses to be able to:

  • Present high-quality sales presentations
  • Perform product demonstrations for prospective clients
  • Interact with remote employees
  • Train new employees

Virtual events can be done in real-time, where they are presented to a group of attendees that have been invited to join the conference. The virtual events can also be recorded, archived, and available for future viewing by other interested parties. It is important that the virtual event services that you decide to utilize are going to provide you with the proper tools that you need to complete the assigned task that you have set out to complete.

There are many different types of virtual event technologies available, which can make the task of picking a platform to host your meeting on a daunting task. Three of the top virtual event solutions are:

  • Adobe Connect
  • Cisco WebEX



INXPO is consistently being ranked as one of the best services available. The meeting software is being said to be the best virtual events service for various reasons. However, the top two reasons that it has gained this title is due to its simple interface and the extensive amount of conferencing tools that it possesses. There are no downloads that have to be performed in order to utilize the online software program either, making it seamless for business owners to hold a meeting with this solution.


  • Chat window-offered for hosts and participants, along with the ability to hold private one-on-one chats.
  • Transfer files
  • Note board and whiteboard provided
  • Social media support
  • 24/7 technical support


Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect has made quite a name for itself. It continues to be named the best webinar software around, with each new update adding to the benefits of the program. The Adobe Connect program offers many alluring features. It allows for video sharing amongst participants and course material setup. With more options to choose from, Adobe Connect has become a great platform for businesses and private individuals to use.


  • Set-up wizards- Used to guide users through setting up the meeting software
  • Servicelets- Allows for transferring multiple files at one time, private chats, and conduct live polls.
  • Live polls
  • Feedback option
  • Ability to record, edit, and download presentation


Cisco WebEx

The Cisco WebEx platform, offers various tools and products that can be used to conduct presentations or for business trainings. The platform is relatively easy to use, with no additional software for participants to have to download to join the meetings. The WebEx platform does a great job at allowing participants to actively interact amongst one another, but still giving the host the ability to control the entire meeting with a push of a button.


  • One-click meeting options
  • Schedule meetings for advance times
  • Send out invitations via email, text and phone
  • Host can specify a password for the meeting
  • Ability to share desktops

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