COlorado Cyberknife Cancer Surgery For Kidney and Renal Cell Cancer

Renal cell cancer, also called kidney cancer or renal adenocarcinoma is a disease where malignant cells are located within the kideneys. Kidney cancer most commonly occurs in adults although a different form of cancer called the Wilms’ tumor is most widespread in children. Kidney cancer is normally handled by surgically removing the kidneys. The Colorado Cyberknife Facility in Lafayette,Colorado supplies a more recent kind of treatment plan called Cyberknife Treatment for kidney cancer and renal cell tumors .

Before discussing the Cyberknife Surgery for kidney and renal cell cancer, it is necessary to know more about the kidneys. There are two kidneys, one on either side of the backbone, above the waist. The kidneys are part of the body’s urinary system which is accountable for filtering waste material, cleaning the blood, and making urine.

Medical professionals have not found the explanation for kidney cancer, but have figured that this sort of cancer begins when kidney cells mutate or alter their DNA. This process results in swift cell increase and these abnormal cells eventually form a tumor. Kidney cancer has been found to be more widespread in individuals who receive treatment for kidney failure. Other associated risk factors include using tobacco, excessive weight, and the male gender.

Indicators which might appear in the later phases of kidney cancer include: Occurrence of blood in urine Persistent back pain just below the ribs A feeling of exhaustion Inexplicable weight loss Sporadic fever

Surgery historically has been the treatment of preference for cancer that has not yet spread; nonetheless surgery presents hazards and doesn’t assure success. An alternative, state-of-the-art procedure which has lately been introduced by the Colorado Cyberknife Facility, Cyberknife Surgery for kidney cancer and renal cell tumors presents new found hope to individuals who are afflicted with this condition. The Cyberknife VSI System gives patients one of the most highly developed radio surgery treatment solution available today.

The cyberknife treatment approach is an sophisticated non-invasive tactic used to reduce or entirely eliminate the tumor. It is a kind of radiation therapy, which utilizes low frequency gamma rays. Numerous beams of radiation are emitted from diverse angles and converge at a particular point to concentrate on the tumor and eliminate the abnormal cells. Due to the ability of the technology to precisely target unhealthy tissues while protecting healthy tissues and critical structures, the cyberknife treatment intervention may be used for hard to reach tumors that have been considered inoperable. The duration of the therapy ranges from 30-90 minutes per session, and the procedure commonly requires 3-5 treatment sessions. Individuals will experience nominal to no side effects.

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