How to eradicate Endometrial hyperplasia completely

Endometrial hyperplasia refers to the endometrial overgrowth caused by the inflammation, endocrine disorders, or some stimulant drugs. Endometrial hyperplasia may outbreak at any age including puberty, generative phase, menopausal period and peri-menopausal period. It is more common in adolescence with irregular menstruation and menopausal women. It is a reversible endocrine system disease.

Endometrial hyperplasia could bring many painful sufferings to women,

It will cause endocrine dyscrasia, leading to premature senescence.

It will induce infertility. Endometrial hyperplasia may inhibit the ovulation, thus causing infertility.

It will lead to heavy bleeding, causing shock. The main clinical manifestation of hyperplasia is abnormal vaginal bleeding. When the disease aggravates, the patient is likely to shock.

Endometrial hyperplasia really does great harm to females; the patients need to find the right treatment to minimize the damage. But how to eradicate it completely is a big problem.

Western medicine commonly uses progestin drugs to balance the disordered endocrine system. However, these drugs always have lots of side effects and require a long treatment course. In addition, the cure rate is relatively low, and the progestin drugs can even increase the incidence of endometrial cancer in postmenopausal women. And surgery always would bring great harms to body, which would take a long time to recovery. In some serious cases, the surgery would bring some complications to women, and these would torment them for a whole life time.

Compared with these two ways, traditional Chinese herbal medicine seemed to be the most suitable way to eradicate it. Traditional Chinese medical knowledge to analyze endometrial hyperplasia, endometrial glandular hyperplasia, endometrial stromal hyperplasia, endometrial adenosis and endometrial adenomatous hyperplasia are regarded as precancerous lesions of endometrial adenocarcinoma. Traditional Chinese medicine considers these precancerous lesions as the results of stagnation of Qi and blood.

Fuyan Pill is one of the most effective traditional Chinese herbal medicines. It can clear away heat and toxic material and then produce a positive effect against endometrial hyperplasia. Fuyan Pill focuses on detoxifying and sterilizing, and couples with the function of strengthening spleen and promoting urination, to achieve the objective of eliminating the pathological changes of endometrial bodiness.

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