How To Naturally Dissolve Gallstones Without Surgery?

The main reason why surgery is not preferred as a treatment for gallstones is because it involves the removal of the entire gallbladder instead of just removing the stones. Instead, it is much better and safer to naturally dissolve gallstones.

In fact, most people that go in for gallbladder removal surgery regret it sooner or later because of all the harmful side effects. If you too suffer from gallstones it is essential that you know there are several methods available which will help you naturally dissolve gallstones.

There are many studies which have proven that gallbladder removal is only widely practiced in the Western part of the world. In other areas, people prefer to naturally dissolve gallstones instead.

If people understood the use of the gallbladder in the functioning of the digestive system of the body they would definitely not agree to get it removed. The gallbladder is where all the bile juices produced by the liver collect. As soon as your small intestine is filled with food, the gallbladder pours this bile juice into the intestine to help with the digestion of food.

If you remove your gallbladder, the liver will start depositing the bile juice continuously into the small intestine whether food needs to be digested or not. This will cause harmful side effects like vomiting, diarrhoea and nausea since the bile juices collect in the intestines without having anything to dissolve.

Regular recurrence of this will irritate the intestines a lot and can even lead to bowel or colon cancer as well. So you see, if you suffer from gallstones, it is advisable that you look for measures to naturally dissolve gallstones.

Here are some effective natural remedies to help you:-

1.You can include food that is rich with magnesium in your daily diet. There are many people that claim magnesium has an instant effect on those that suffer from gallbladder pains. It works by helping to dissolve the gallstones and therefore make it easier to pass them. Research has proven that a consumption of 400 mg of magnesium everyday can also help in the prevention of gallstone formation in the future.

2.Stay away from any foods that contain saturated fats. This will lower cholesterol production in the body. If cholesterol is high it will cause the hardening of bile juices and they will eventually turn into gallstones.

3.Eat a lot of fruit and vegetables that contain water soluble fibre. This also helps you flush your gallbladder and get rid of the bad cholesterol. This helps in lowering the level of cholesterol in the gallbladder and thus prevents bile juices from hardening.

4.Some researchers say that coffee is excellent for getting rid of gallstones. Coffee along with many other bitter foods is supposed to be able to dissolve gallstones and also promote the flow of bile juices.

If these remedies aren’t working for you, you could consider Kid Clear capsules. These herbal supplements are 100 % safe and have no side effects either. They help dissolve the gallstones in your body and also help prevent their formation. If you want a sure shot way of getting rid of gallstones from your body, try Kid Clear capsules.

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