I Am Happy To Help Increase Awareness By Wearing A Prostate Cancer Ribbon

I have seen lots of pink ribbons in the last few years, and I have always supported the cause of breast cancer awareness, but what I have not seen is a prostate cancer ribbon colored blue. I unfortunately didn’t even know that such a thing existed until one day as I was out watering my garden, I noticed my neighbor John wearing a blue ribbon so I stopped to ask him what the blue ribbon meant.

He informed me that it was a ribbon for prostate cancer awareness and he was wearing it to demonstrate support for his father-in-law who had been diagnosed with the disease recently and was presently in treatment for it. Well, I felt awfully stupid for not knowing about something that is such an important issue and something that millions of men struggle with, so I asked him where I might be able to get a ribbon myself to show my support for awareness as well.

He said he had another one of this prostate cancer ribbon in the house, so he generously gave me the one he was wearing so that I would be able to wear it boldly. And I did just that, which actually prompted a lot of conversations with my co-workers, both male and female about prostate cancer and how it had been an influence on the lives of far more people than I had realized.

A lot of the people that I had conversations with were actually quite affected by the talks that we had and several of them decided to do more to raise awareness and to show some support to those suffering from this disease. Additionally, one of my co-workers had the brilliant idea to do something as an office during the month of September which happens to be prostate cancer awareness month.

The management of the company was very supportive about the idea, and they arranged to have a prostate cancer awareness meeting at the beginning of September and have a doctor or a cancer survivor come and speak to us about the disease and answer all of our questions. I also had a lot of people ask me if they could get a ribbon to wear along with me, and I, of course agreed, but first I had to go and ask my neighbor where he had found his. He was really excited as I told him my experience at work and he told me that he was thrilled that so many people were learning about and taking an interest in something so important.

07. February 2018 by admin
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