The Vital Role of MRI Scans in the Medical and Health Community

Not all injuries and maladies are apparent just by looking at a patient. Sometimes, an illness or injury may reside internally; in this case, patients will need to undergo an MRI scan to detect potential health problems.

Magnetic resonance machines are available in most hospitals and are used to scan patients using a combination of radio waves and magnetic fields.

Patients undergoing an MRI scan for the first time may have some questions and apprehension about the procedure. The process is quite simple and usually takes no more than 45 minutes. Patients will change into a gown

and be asked to remove metallic objects, such as jewelry and credit cards. The procedure is also painless and does not involve any invasive methods.

Scans may be performed on a single body part or performed on the whole body. Scans are commonly done on the following areas:

* Head – Head scans are performed to detect nerve injuries, tumors, bleeding in the brain and aneurysms.

* Chest – MRIs done in the chest area detects problems in the heart, vessels and lungs. For women, chest scans are normally done to detect cancerous cells in the breast.

* Abdomen – Scans in the midsection help identify maladies, such as tumors, bleeding or infection in the kidneys, gallbladder and pancreas.

* Bone – A scan can reveal early signs of arthritis in the joints. It can also locate problems in the cartilage or identify torn ligaments. Scans can also be done for the spine to check for bulged discs, pinched nerves or spinal


A typical MRI scanner is a tube-shaped machine with an opening and a magnetic center. There is also a coil that the technician can adjust to image certain body areas. Some Michigan MRI centers may also provide

different models, such as an open or wide bore MRI scan, which are suitable for patients with a larger girth or are highly claustrophobic.

Other services available may include a PET/CT scan. This type of scan is more used specifically for the purpose of deriving data about the body’s cell function, metabolism and location of certain diseases. Such scans are

also done for the purpose of locating dead tissue and malignant cells. The scan may be done on a routine basis to keep track of cancer cells and monitor whether they have spread.

Patients who make an appointment for a scan often have reservations about undergoing such a procedure. When a doctor refers you to a Lansing MRI clinic, there may be some doubts and fears that a scan will reveal an

unfavorable prognosis that may require further medical intervention. However, if there is a health problem that can be detected through an MRI scan, then it is better to get it done than to not go through it and assume

everything is okay.

MRI scans have completely revolutionized the way the medical community approaches medicine. It has also helped countless patients by detecting serious health illnesses that may otherwise not have been detected until the

condition spreads and worsens to the point where it is irreversible.

Mid-Michigan MRI is a Michigan MRI center that provides complete body scans. This Lansign MRI center has provided countless patients with crucial scanning and imaging services.

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