I Am Happy To Help Increase Awareness By Wearing A Prostate Cancer Ribbon

I have seen lots of pink ribbons in the last few years, and I have always supported the cause of breast cancer awareness, but what I have not seen is a prostate cancer ribbon colored blue. I unfortunately didn’t even know that such a thing existed until one day as I was out watering my garden, I noticed my neighbor John wearing a blue ribbon so I stopped to ask him what the blue ribbon meant.

He informed me that it was a ribbon for prostate cancer awareness and he was wearing it to demonstrate support for his father-in-law who had been diagnosed with the disease recently and was presently in treatment for it. Well, I felt awfully stupid for not knowing about something that is such an important issue and something that millions of men struggle with, so I asked him where I might be able to get a ribbon myself to show my support for awareness as well.

He said he had another one of this prostate cancer ribbon in the house, so he generously gave me the one he was wearing so that I would be able to wear it boldly. And I did just that, which actually prompted a lot of conversations with my co-workers, both male and female about prostate cancer and how it had been an influence on the lives of far more people than I had realized.

A lot of the people that I had conversations with were actually quite affected by the talks that we had and several of them decided to do more to raise awareness and to show some support to those suffering from this disease. Additionally, one of my co-workers had the brilliant idea to do something as an office during the month of September which happens to be prostate cancer awareness month.

The management of the company was very supportive about the idea, and they arranged to have a prostate cancer awareness meeting at the beginning of September and have a doctor or a cancer survivor come and speak to us about the disease and answer all of our questions. I also had a lot of people ask me if they could get a ribbon to wear along with me, and I, of course agreed, but first I had to go and ask my neighbor where he had found his. He was really excited as I told him my experience at work and he told me that he was thrilled that so many people were learning about and taking an interest in something so important.

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What Benefits do Antioxidants Have on My Body?

Eating the fruits and vegetables that naturally contain antioxidants is the best way to get them into your system. Mixing them into a well-balanced and healthy diet is the best method of all. This way you reap the benefits of all of the antioxidants in a natural combination.

The benefit of dietary antioxidants is that they slow the chemical process of oxidation. This oxidation is what causes narrowing of the arteries and heart-related health problems due to cholesterol deposits. Eating a regular variety of herbs, vegetables and fruits that contain antioxidants is the best way to maintain good health. Some foods that contain antioxidants include:

* Tomatoes
* Garlic
* Onions
* Rosemary
* Grapes
* Pomegranates

Antioxidant supplements are available, lab testing have shown that they are just as effective as their natural counterparts. Natural foods contain ranges of antioxidants that work together synergistically. These combinations of antioxidants are much more effective.

More Benefits:

Antioxidants and other nutrients are needed by the body to protect against cell damage. They also may reduce the risks of certain forms of cancer.

It has been discovered that the mitochondria (cell power plants) are a major source of oxidant production. They are also a target for the damaging effects of the very oxidants that they produce. This is a major cause in the advancement of cellular aging, called apoptosis.

It is believed that in apoptosis, each cell has a fixed number of cell divisions that it is capable of. After the cell has used its allotted number of divisions, it ceases to function. Oxidative damage is also a contributing factor of DNA mutation, which causes further malfunction of the cells.

Most Common Antioxidants:

The following is a list of the most common antioxidants, what benefits they offer and where to find them:

* Beta-carotene keeps the skin healthy and promotes growth and development of bones. It also helps to prevent night blindness and fight infection. Beta-carotene is found in vegetables and fruits: carrots, cantaloupe, apricots, broccoli, peppers, tomatoes, spinach, sweet potatoes and pumpkin.

* Vitamin C destroys free radicals inside and outside cells. It helps in the healing of wounds, preventing bruising, formation of connective tissue, iron absorption and keeping gums healthy. Vitamin C is being studied for its beneficial effects in reducing cataracts, cancer and heart disease. Foods high in vitamin C include tomatoes, citrus fruits and juices, berries, mango, papaya, peppers, cabbage, spinach, broccoli and potatoes.

* Vitamin E acts as the essential fat protector in cell membranes and red blood cells. It reduces the risk of heart disease, cancer and other diseases associated with age. Vitamin E is found in peanut butter, nuts, seeds, vegetable oils, margarine, whole grains, wheat germ, salad dressings and avocado.

* Selenium helps the body maintain healthy hair and nails. It also enhances immunity and, along with Vitamin E, prevents cell damage. Vitamin E reduces the risk of cancers, especially prostate, lung and colorectal. The best sources of Selenium include brazil nuts, garlic, meat, eggs, poultry, seeds, seafood and whole grains. The amount of selenium found in plants depends on the soil content in which they are grown.

Antioxidants benefit the body by providing a layer of protection for the tissues and cells. They are the front line of the body’s protection against free radicals. Free radicals are unstable by-products of oxygen that cause premature aging and degenerative diseases. They also come from environmental sources, such as pollution, UV rays and other toxins. Foods rich in antioxidants help to clean free radicals from the body. They also help to prevent various age-related diseases, cancers and heart disease.

Maintaining a healthy, nutritionally balanced body that has the ability to fight disease and infection is a prime way to live a long, disease free and happy life. Regular ingestion of antioxidant rich foods or supplements is the best method to achieve this.

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You Can Prevent Breast Cancer!

Sometimes, one suffers from breast cancer even if you’ve taken all the necessary precautions and preventive measures. Call it fate or whatever, but if you do take care, the chances of suffering from it suddenly get that much smaller! Anyway, today, breast cancer is not the terrible disease it was a few years ago. Many women survive even after a bad case. Here, too, if it is detected early, there’s that much more of a chance to get absolutely back to normal as quickly as possible. What are the ways that you can prevent breast cancer? Take a look at the measures that you could adopt to prevent this condition. While it is not foolproof, it will definitely help in keeping the disease at bay.

First of all, watch your weight. High estrogen levels mean you could be more prone to breast cancer. The levels of estrogen go up when there is more fatty tissue in the body. This usually happens during menopause when hormonal changes mean that women tend to put on weight. Unfortunately, this is the time when not too many women bother about how they look so they just themselves go. What you need to do is to practice self-control and say a stern No to all fatty foods. This is one way to keep your weight down. Don’t eat because you’re bored or feeling low or you’re lonely. Think slim and get there. It might be worth it talking to your doctor about the quantities that you need every day and the kind of foods to eat and what to avoid. The other way to do this is to exercise. No, you do not have to spend hours at the gym. Just walk or swim if you can’t manage an exercise regime. Make sure you exercise regularly, not in fits and starts. You need at least half an hour of exercise everyday. If you’re overweight, maybe a bit more initially till you lose a bit of weight. Make this time sacrosanct.

It’s best if women cut down on the drinking. Never mind what kind of alcohol, anything is bad news as far as breast cancer goes. Why this is so is anyone’s guess but the link between the two is strong so it is best avoided. Maybe the occasional drink when you are celebrating something is fine, otherwise stick to non-alcoholic beverages. What is very good as a preventive is a citrus juice. All citrus fruits are supposed to lower the risks of breast cancer.

Antibiotics and pesticides are also bad for breast cancer. Try and use natural alternatives to get rid of pests and as far as antibiotics are concerned do not use them unless it is absolutely necessary. What is good not only for the heart but to prevent breast cancer as well seems to be aspirin. A regular intake is supposed to be beneficial.

The temptation to go in for hormone therapy is great especially when you are in the throes of hot flashes and irritability. But it is known to aggravate breast cancer. Ideally, one should just grin and try and bear the menopausal years instead of looking for quick-fix remedies.

Just a few dos and don’ts and suddenly you could find the road ahead of you clear and breast cancer-free!!

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Preventing Breast Cancer Details

An ad in my local newspaper read, “You Can’t Prevent Breast Cancer.” Reading this, I was upset when I thought about the thoughts of the women who read the ad: that they can only hope for the best. Preventing breast cancer has been made out to be a long shot, it seems.

This message is reinforced in subtle ways repeatedly in our medically dependent society. In grocery stores, PSA’s printed on shopping bags and at checkouts say “Early Detection: Your Best Protection.” A grocery store would be one of the best places to say, “Great Food Choices Available in the Produce Section, Scientifically Supported Real Prevention.”

Please understand that preventing breast cancer is not 100% possible. But you can reduce your risk, and the biggest achievable piece of that reduction is in your choices of foods.

The other good news: eating to reduce breast cancer risk is also really good prevention for heart disease (the leading killer of women), and similarly reduces the risk of prostate cancer (men), and other cancers. This is another great example of the holistic medicine approach, using one natural approach to health (in this case a cancer prevention diet) that benefits multiple outcomes at the same time.

A few things you can do to prevent breast cancer are:

1) Keep a sufficient daily intake of a wide variety of fresh vegetables and fruits 2) Keep your body weight normal and stay active throughout your life 3) Carefully choose the fats and oils you eat 4) Choose whole grains instead of refined sugars and flours 5) Avoid environmental toxins (including alcohol and charred meats) 6) Breast feed your baby 7) Supplement your diet with antioxidants like green tea

Monthly self breast exams and mammograms are also important. I say this because detecting breast cancer early means that as a result, you have ample time to start treating it.

One of the things I love about studying the healing properties of foods, whole foods specifically, is their multi-potent qualities. A single whole food rarely can be found which protects against only one disease, or promotes health in only one area.

And so it is with Rainbow Chard: we know because of its high levels of natural carotenoids (Vitamin A) that it contributes strongly to reduction in breast cancer risk. Rainbow Chard is a spectacular source of Vitamin A (as natural mixed carotenoids), providing over 5000 IU per cup cooked serving. It is also a very generous source of vitamin K for strong bones (4 times your daily requirement in that cup!), and provides a good dose of vitamin C and magnesium. That vitamin A protects the respiratory system, improves skin health, and along with other antioxidants protects the heart. Vitamin C serves of course as a very important antioxidant and is critical for wound healing and repair of the connective tissues that keep our bodies intact.

I am specifically emphasizing Rainbow Chard in this article for the very reason that it displays that splash of several bright colors. The research on phytonutrients is in its infancy, so we probably do not fully appreciate the disease preventing (including preventing breast cancer) value of all those natural pigments in Chard which show up as red, purple, and yellow stems in the middle of those deep green leaves. What we do know, especially from the research of Dr. David Heber (What Color is Your Diet?) is that purposely eating a rainbow of colors every day as fresh produce prevents many diseases, from cancers to heart disease and more.

Fall is a good time to look for chard in your local markets, because like many greens it grows well as a cool weather crop. So it may be that your local farmers are bringing it to market now, and that would be the best to get, a bunch that didn’t have to travel far to your table. But even in a large supermarket, this delicious a nutritious vegetable is a great choice; enjoy it now and commit to a healthier you with a rainbow of vegetable and fruit colors on your plate.

Rainbow Chard with Sundried Tomatoes (thanks to my wife Gail for this one)

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What You Should Know About Women's Health

Everyone regardless of their sex should pay attention to their health and look after themselves. Women and men both have different types of health issues that can crop up in their lives. So women, for instance should find out all they can about women’s health issues so that they can stay fit and healthy. What follows are some areas of health that women should pay attention to.

Women’s sexual health. Sexual health is very important and an area that every woman who is sexually active should pay attention to. When a woman is clued up on her sexual health she will know how to avoid unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. In addition to this all women should know when there are changes in their monthly cycle and have the confidence to speak to their doctor about this.

Checking for breast cancer. Every woman should know how to check her breasts for any changes in the tissue. This is one of the first signs of breast cancer and anything like this should be reported to the doctor immediately. By checking the breasts a woman can stay healthy.

Cervical cancer. By having regular smear tests a women can make sure that she is doing all that she can to prevent cervical cancer. Failure to do this can lead to changes in the cervix being undetected which could increase the risk of cancer.

Menopause. All women go through the menopause in the later stages of their lives (although for some this happens earlier than others). This is when a woman’s body stops having periods and goes through various hormonal changes. It can be a very difficult time for a woman and many need to turn to hormone replacement therapy to help them through.

Now that you know a few of the facts about women’s health you will be able to maintain yours. Don’t be afraid to seek medical advice if something is worrying you and remember that your health is of utmost importance.

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Benefits of Green Tea Diet

Obesity has become one of the major health issues in our society today. More than half of the American population is overweight or obese. As a result, diet and weight loss plans have become increasingly popular. But not all diet plans work. And not all of them are necessarily risk-free. A safer alternative for people wanting to lose weight are green tea diets.

About Green Tea

For thousands of years, green tea diet has been highly valued by the Chinese as an herbal and medicinal drink. It was believed that green tea diet was first discovered by the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung who was boiling water when the leaves of a nearby tree fell into his pot. The result was the first ever pot of green tea.

Like all three of the major Asian teas in the market, green tea comes from the plant called Carmellia sinensis. Much of the health benefits of green tea diets owe to the steaming method of making it. As opposed to black and oolong tea which undergoes full oxidization, green tea diet is only gently steamed, preserving the natural antioxidants in its original form.

The Health Benefits of Green Tea Diet

There are many health benefits associated with having a green tea diet. One of these green tea diet benefits is preventing cancer. Certain substances present in green tea diets are said to help in destroying cancer cells without harming any neighboring tissues. This substance in green tea diets is called epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG.

EGCG in green tea diets is also helpful in increasing the 24-hour energy expenditure of the body. A study on green tea diets conducted by American and Swiss scientists in the University of Geneva showed an additional increase of four percent in the body’s natural energy expenditure. People who were on a green tea diet were more likely to use up more fats than those not on a green tea diet.

Also, green tea diets are said to greatly help in lowering down cholesterol levels in humans. The study on green tea diets was conducted in China using 240 people with high cholesterol levels as subjects. These people were placed on a green tea diet of one capsule (equivalent to seven cups of green tea) or were given one placebo every day. After twelve weeks, those who were on a green tea diet dropped sixteen percent in their cholesterol levels.

Green tea diets can also be a potential cure to obesity. The catechin polyphenols present in green tea diets can delay the reaction of gastric and pancreatic lipases in the body. These enzymes are responsible for converting calories in the body into fats. By delaying these enzymes, green tea diets can therefore stop fat from being stored and prevent obesity in people.

Green tea diets contain substantial amount of caffeine that make it a mild appetite-suppressant. However, caffeine content in green tea diets is not as high as those found in other caffeine-based beverages, like coffee. Caffeine may be harmful for the body since an excess of it can cause heart palpitations, hypertension, and insomnia. Because green tea diets contain only very low levels of caffeine, there is no danger of experiencing these side-effects.

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How to Reduce Colon Cancer Risk with High Fiber Foods

The Details
Several researches point to the fact that eating a diet high in fiber can help reduce colon cancer risk. Researchers reviewed and analysed 25 different studies and came up with the conclusion that total fiber intake and fiber from whole grains and cereals has a strong connection with the reduction in risk of colorectal cancer. The research found that each 10 grams a day increase in dietary fiber intake is connected to about 10% reduction in risk of colorectal cancer. However, the study also points to the consumption of whole grains and cereals as the better option compared to fruits and vegetables. This doesn’t mean that consuming fruits and vegetables is not a good idea since they offer many other health benefits like providing antioxidants and vitamins that strengthens the body.

How Does Fiber Prevent Colon Cancer
Since the 70s, scientists have suggested that a high fiber diet can be helpful in preventing colon cancer. This is because places where people eat a diet high in fiber had significantly less colon cancer cases. In theory, fiber helps prevent colon cancer since it adds bulk to stools thus reducing contact time with potential toxins in the colon. Also, a bulky stool high in liquids can help dilute potential carcinogens. Fiber can also help prevent the growth of bad bacteria and encourage healthy bacteria to thrive in the colon.

What You Should Do
In order to experience the benefits of fiber when it comes to reducing colon cancer risk, eat more whole grains and cereals which contain a lot of fiber. The ideal amount of fiber each day is around 25 to 40 grams. Some experts believe that this can reduce colon cancer risk by around 20 to 40%. If you find it difficult to consume such number of fiber daily, there are also fiber supplements available like those made with psyllium husks.

There is a lot of evidence pointing to the fact that a diet high in fiber can reduce colon cancer risk. This is why you should start eating more high-fiber foods which can also prevent constipation and other digestive problems. It is very easy, all you have to do is to adjust your diet a little bit and you will have a much better chance of dodging the colon cancer bullet.

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Tilla – A Comprehensive Review

Ethinyl estradiol and norethindrone is the generic name of Tilia Fe. It is a combination of female hormones that prevent ovulation. This medicine causes changes in the cervix mucus and uterine lining that makes it hard for sperm to reach the uterus. Sperm cells will have difficulty reaching the egg attached to the uterus. It is used as a contraceptive, can cure severe acne, and is prohibited in pregnant woman.

Tilia Fe should not be used if the patient has a history of stroke or blood clot, a hormone related cancer such as breast or uterine cancer, circulation problems, abnormal vaginal bleeding, liver cancer or liver disease and history of jaundice. If in case any of the above conditions is present, the woman may need to use backup birth control such as spermicide or condoms. If a person is a smoker or older than 35, there is a greater risk of blood clots, heart attack or stroke. It is advisable that the user of Tilia Fe informs the doctor about the medication she is taking before taking it. There are some drugs that can make birth control pills less effective that may result in pregnancy. Do not take this medicine without any doctor’s advice. If a woman has missed two menstrual periods in a row, then it is not best to use this medicine. Do not use control pills if a woman is breastfeeding a baby. The hormones present in this pill can be passed unto the breast milk and can harm a nursing baby. It also slows down the production of breast milk.

This medication should be taken exactly as it was prescribed. Large amount or taking this medication for a longer time is not recommended. The first pill is taken on the first day of menstruation or on the first Sunday after the period begins. Use backup birth control like spermicide or condoms for first time users.

Tilia Fe is a 28-day pack that contains seven reminder pills to keep the user on a regular cycle. Menstrual period usually begins while using these reminder pills. Bleeding usually occurs during the first three months. If bleeding continues and becomes heavy, tell your doctor for immediate treatment. One Tilia Fe pill is taken every day with no more than 24 hours of gap. Start a new pack when pills run out. If not used properly the user may become pregnant. The pills are chewable and easy to swallow.

In case the user needs to have medical tests or surgery or was advised to take a bed rest, medication should be stopped for a short time. This medication should be stored at room temperature away from moisture and heat. If the patient missed one active pill, take two pills on the day that you remember. Then continue taking one pill per day until the pack runs out. If in case the patient missed two active pills in a row in week one or two, take two pills per day for two days in a row. Then take one pill per day for the rest of the pack.

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Thinking Of Buying Resveratrol Anti Aging Supplements Get The Full Story First

Is it wise to buy Resveratrol anti aging supplements is something my clients have been asking for some while now. So I thought it was probably pertinent to maybe address some of the major issues I have been made aware of from their questions.

If you buy anti aging supplements, Resveratrol is claimed as a way of improving your health, without having to actually do much physically. It’s about helping your health by using pills rather than changing your life style. Now that could be a very enticing proposition for many and this is what in my view accounts for its ever growing popularity in the supplement industry.

How Effective is Resveratrol?

It should not be ignored with the rapid growth of the nutritional supplement industry that there have been an increasing number of complaints and many users of such supplements have brought into question the effectiveness of some of the supplements they are buying and using often on a day to day basis. This should come as no surprise really as these products are not designed to cure illnesses but rather to enhance life which is very hard to quantify.

Looking positively Resveratrol anti aging supplements have not been subject to much negative press so maybe this means people are still keeping an open mind. Or it may just be that people are less aware of this new “wonder drug” and are sticking to Acai Berry, Hoodia and Vitamins which are now being put under the media scrutiny.

On a positive note Resveratrol anti aging supplements it seems have not been receiving too much negative publicity. Indeed many people are still not as aware of Resveratrol and it’s potential benefits as they are perhaps other supplements such as Acai Berry, Hoodia and the like which are now under closer scrutiny.

This of course by its very nature poses one very clear problem how much of what is being reported is genuine and how much is sales speak used by the nutritional companies to hawk their products to the masses. I am pretty confident that there are at least some positive effects if you buy Resveratrol anti aging supplements but it’s far too early to know the long term outlook for this purported wonder drug.

How is Resveratrol Manufactured?

You’ll find that a vast majority of the Resveratrol sold has nothing to do with red wine and that the commercially produced Resveratrol sold in the US and online is usually derived from a plant called Japanese Knotweed . The reason marketers use the red wine analogy is it sounds sexier and indeed red grapes do contain Resveratrol but for it to be commercially viable in massive quantities demanded the Resveratrol used is manufactured from Japanese Knotweed.

How Can I Try Resveratrol?

I feel through my own experiences that the best way at least initially is to try and buy Resveratrol is to take one of the free trails that are being offered online. These will give you a chance for a few months to see if this product works for you and even try different formulations of this popular supplement before you buy Resveratrol anti aging supplements on a regular basis.

But Does It Actually Work?

There are currently a number of research projects on Resveratrol ongoing and interest has increased and it is being taken seriously by places such as Harvard and other well known institutions. It would seem there is a growing amount of evidence as to at least some of the benefits of Resveratrol pills but what they really do and how effective they are seems very much different for each individual who tries them.

Its not quite so easy to find any measurable evidence as to how well Resveratrol works on humans as much of the research done is on animals and the only evidence for its effectiveness on humans is at least questionable and unquantifiable in the form of testimonials. It is for this reason Resveratrol is sold only under the banner of “nutritional supplement” with all that brings regarding its ongoing control and regulation.

But keep your eye out for press and media reports because who knows one day Resveratrol may be given an accolade as a true life improver even by its current biggest cynics. In a future article I will be telling you more about the sort of research being done on supplements like Resveratrol anti aging supplement and how these breakthroughs could one day change your life.

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Radiation Oncology jobs

Oncology is the study of cancer. Radiation oncology is that branch of oncology where one is taught on how to use radiation therapies and other methods in the treatment of cancer. Some of the cancer conditions that are handled by an oncologist includes; breast cancer, brain tumors, malignant skin cancer, bone tumors, stomach cancer, lymphomas, esophageal cancer, prostate cancer, and colon cancer. To treat or manage these cancer conditions, oncologists use radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

Oncology can be divided into specialties and subspecialties. Subspecialty fields may include professionals like surgical oncologists, pediatric oncologists and gynecological oncologist. A gynecological oncologist will treat female reproductive system forms of cancers. A pediatric oncologist will treat cancers in children while a surgical oncologist will handle unusual cancer surgical operations such as removal of tumors, staging of tumors and biopsies.

Radiation remedy uses a mixture of several types of radiation management techniques. Among the various types of radiation remedies includes; 3-D treatment planning, IMRT, external beam radiation, stereotactic radio-surgery, brachytherapy, simultaneous radiation, chemotherapy, and prostate seed implants. It is the duty of the oncologist to decide the most appropriate radiation remedy, which will not harm the patient. Radiation procedures are supposed to cause no pain to the patient.

It takes more than a medical degree for one to qualify as an oncologist. It requires proper preparation coupled with rigid work. One has to undertake 4 years in college, four years in a medical school, one year in general medical training, and 4 years of residency training in the field of radiation oncology. Although this job is very demanding, it is equally gratifying to those who qualify to become professionals. An oncologist works to remove cancer indicators and treats the side effects that result from cancer therapy. After cancer treatment, a patient may suffer from side effects such as; insomnia, vomiting, pain and nausea. To treat these symptoms, the oncologist uses various drugs that are available in hospitals.

Most of the Radiation Oncology jobs are found in medical centers, university hospitals, research organization, community, ambulatory settings, and some of them will be found in private practice. Oncologists work very closely with other medical practitioners to ensure that the patient receives the best care.

Oncologists will consult the referring physician in a bid to get the patients history. Learning this history will help him to decide the best course of action. To verify the patient’s condition, an oncologist will perform medical examinations such as biopsies, tissue samples, fluid samples, physical examination, and x-rays. When they verify the patient’s condition, they go ahead to discuss with the patient about the treatment options available i.e. surgical and non-surgical options. To ensure that treatment is successful, they work hand in hand with other medical experts and together they form the patient’s treatment team.

If you are looking for a medical career that is well paying, radiation oncology is right for you. Radiation Oncology jobs are among the best paying in the medical field. As of 5 September 2012, the average salary of an oncologist was $ 61000. However, it is important to note that radiation Oncology jobs salaries will be determined by the number of factors such as years of experience, location of your workplace, industry, and company.

Radiation Oncology jobs are not hard to find. This is because their demand in the market has been increasing and it is projected to continue increasing at the rate of 25% until the year 2016. To find radiation oncology jobs, you should search them online, send your applications in different hospitals and cancer centers, or seek help from your university career center.

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