R. Allen Smith Makes News With Baby Powder Win

R. Allen Smith and his Mississippi law firm, the Smith Law Firm, announced another baby powder ovarian cancer win last week, this time forcing Johnson & Johnson to pay $ 72 million in damages.

R. Allen Smith, the Mississippi attorney who won the first-ever lawsuit linking baby powder use by women to ovarian cancer, won again last week. Unlike his 2013 win on behalf of Deane Berg, this winning baby powder verdict resulted in significant and real compensation for the plaintiff, the family of Jacqueline Fox. Ms. Fox passed away after a 2.5 year battle with ovarian cancer, at the age of 62.

According to Ms. Fox’s son Marvin Salter, his mother pursued the baby powder lawsuit more for the chance to warn other women of the danger than for the money. But the huge baby powder cancer settlement has caught the public’s attention in a much bigger way than the Berg case, which “didn’t get headlines because they didn’t award any damages,” according to R. Allen Smith.

The recent Johnson’s baby powder settlement for ovarian cancer reinforces the public acceptance of a connection between baby powder and ovarian cancer. R. Allen Smith was able to prove that Johnson & Johnson officials knew of research linking talcum powder to ovarian cancer beginning in the 1980s. Internal company documents produced during the baby powder lawsuit indicate Johnson & Johnson knew the safety of its Shower-to-Shower and Johnson’s Baby Powder products were questionable for regular use by women. The jury found the company guilty of conspiring to conceal talc cancer information from the public, continuing to market the product to women. Johnson & Johnson was also found guilty of counts of fraud and negligence.

The international health care product giant is facing approximately 1,200 Johnson’s powder lawsuits for ovarian cancer in courts around the nation, and the recent win by R. Allen Smith is expected to set an important precedent for baby powder cancer cases to follow. Another trial represented by the Mississippi law firm of R. Allen Smith is scheduled for April. To achieve a winning baby powder cancer verdict and award, the plaintiffs’ counsel for each of these future cases will have to prove the ovarian cancer suffered by the plaintiff is linked to her regular use of a talcum powder product such as Shower-to-Shower and Johnson’s Baby Powder.

As a cosmetic product, talcum powder is not regulated by the FDA. Attorneys such as R. Allen Smith have to prove the baby powder cancer connection without the help of an FDA warning on the subject of talcum powder and cancer.

While a $ 72 million baby powder settlement is a huge step for talcum powder cancer cases, it is just another in a long line of products liability lawsuits the company has been forced to defend. In addition to the 1,200 baby powder cancer lawsuits awaiting verdicts, the company is facing upwards of 44,000 pelvic mesh cases and nearly 10,000 lawsuits after a subsidiary recalled over 80,000 DePuy artificial hip replacement systems.

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Is There Any Way To Prevent Skin Cancer?

One of the most preventable (and often very treatable) cancers is that of the skin. By taking care of your skin and checking it often for suspicious growths you should have no trouble from the effects of skin cancer.

The first thing you should do is make sure that you stay out of the sun as much as possible. Stay in the shade and out of direct sunlight whenever possible. Use hats and clothing to keep your skin protected from the harmful effects of the sun.

You should realize that even on cloudy days, the ultra-violet rays from the sun can still reach you. Yes, even when it is cloudy, your skin can get burned. Swimming pools are not safe havens either. Your skin can get sunburned even when your body is in the water, and skin cancer could result in the future.

One of the most effective ways to prevent skin cancer is to apply sunscreen. You should make sure to be wearing at least SPF 15 when in the sun, or stronger sunscreen depending on how easily you burn. Also, be sure to reapply after swimming, or if you are sweating heavily.

Children’s skin is even more delicate than your own and therefore must be looked after carefully. However, it is important to remember that children who have not reached 6 months of age cannot wear sunscreen on their skin yet. With that in mind be sure to keep them out of direct sunlight at all times and remember to always keep their skin covered. Warn older children that prolonged unprotected exposure to the sun’s harmful rays can eventually lead to skin cancer and that they would be safer in the shade.

Keep an eye on your skin for any changes to the growths that are preexisting or new ones that appear suddenly. Watch for growths that increase in size or become irregular in shape. You should also watch for transparent or multicolored growths on your skin. If you have wounds or cuts on your skin that will not heal have them checked out by your doctor.

It is important that you examine your skin every month. Even though this should be part of your routine check up at the doctor’s office, it is also important to make it a habit to do so at home as well. This is one of the best ways to prevent skin cancer. Examining your skin on a normal basis will allow you to detect any abnormalities. That way, if you see anything that does not look right, you can get treatment right away before it becomes too serious.

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Colon Cleanse Supplements – Detoxify and Purge Yourself of Toxins

The process of detoxifying the colon to eliminate harmful poisons, bacteria, and clogged wastes is called colon cleansing. It is used to promote correct digestion and maintain a person’s overall health. A clean and toxin-free colon makes you healthy because you are able to effectively absorb the nutrients found in the food you eat. The first step is redefining your food consumption patterns. By consuming fewer foods that cause fewer toxins build-up in the body, you should able to assure yourself a much healthier and cancer free colon. With regular exercise, healthy nutrition and colon cleanse supplements; you should be able to detoxify your colon for better healthier you.

Cleansing your colon has many advantages, and here are just few of those many advantages:

* If you’re exhausted and fatigued often, it may not be flue or any other type of ailments, but simply because your colon is unclean and full of toxins. Dirty colon can make you feel ill and moving bowel prolonged and difficult. Clogged digestive system weakens your immune system and could make you feel ill all the time. When you feel constantly constipated, all you need may be just a regular colon cleansing.

* Your colon has a direct effect to your digestive system. The normal functioning of your digestive system depends on your colon. It can only properly perform its task when the colon is clean and healthy. A clogged colon can bring about digestive problems like constipation. Constipation is risky as it makes the toxins stay longer in the body than necessary. Colon cleansing through diet, exercise and taking of colon cleanse supplements may be very beneficial.

* Cancer of the colon and other types of intestinal diseases are directly or indirectly related to your colon. To prevent many of this disease, one needs to colon cleanse regularly.

There also many different benefits that people may gain when they cleanse their colon regularly – here are few of those:

* Regular bowel movement is promoted when your colon is clean. Because the colon is cleansed and the clogged wastes are removed from your colon, your bowel can move regularly.

* One of the duties of the colon is to absorb and digest foods and nutrients we eat, and healthy digestive system help build better and healthy immune system which means less disease and optimal health.

* Colon cleansing can be an effective way to lose weight and keep it off. When proper diet and exercise are not enough taking colon cleanse supplements can help you lose weight as well as detoxify your colon for optimal functioning.

A clean colon is a perfect remedy for optimal digestive system. When the colon is healthy, it can help your body process, absorb and digest food quicker and efficiently which can lead to not only better health and good immune systems, but it could help you lose weight. To maintain healthy immune systems as well as being free from body toxins and fecal matters, you may consider taking colon cleanse supplements.

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Get effective cancer care – Treatment plan

Choosing the right option regarding cancer treatment is the first option of all cancer patients. A cancer treatment plan will be the right choice for you if you are taking the right cancer therapy. It takes some time, but you must start to plan about your treatments like where to receive and what type of therapy is effective.

Planning for cancer treatment

If you are diagnosed with cancer, then a cancer care plan will help you in many ways. This plan will provide you a total view of information which makes you go through all your doubts with your doctor that includes the side-effects which you may experience during the treatment and how those will be treated.

Consider the type of your cancer

Start with the type of cancer you are suffering before planning for a treatment. If a patient is suffering from a common type of cancer, then it will not make so much variance that where you will get the treatment.

For others who are diagnosed with colorectal cancer, lung cancer breast cancer and prostate cancer- There are plenty of treatments available. These types of treatments and cancers compare the different providers, quality and choose the specialized person to treat your cancer.

Cost of the treatment

Cancer treatments are very expensive, but it should be effective at the same time. There are many Cancer centres that provide you the best, consider investing some time on researching it online as this will be the major role while planning for an effective treatment. Try to find out the insurance covered. Do homework on the benefits then decide it with your doctor about your financial restriction you have on your treatments.

Do some research on treatment choices

To make the choice, you will have to consider the kind of your cancer, its treatment options, its stages and how it will be treated under this environment. Discuss with your doctor about patient education material, books and online sites to supplement your ideas. Primary treatment is your first step to start with. Most people will receive chemotherapy, radiation, surgery or a combination of any of these treatments.

Jot down the risks and benefits

Jot down the benefits and risks of the various cancer treatments, and then decide which the right option for you and which falls within your goals. There are some aspects for each treatment which comprises;

Side effects – Side effects are common in all treatments. Spend some time to review and analyse about all the side effects and then take the decision. Apart from this consider your general health and how the treatment will affect your life.
All patients are not same and each cancer type is different. Appropriate treatment for any patient should be discussed with your doctor. It’s always better to take cancer advice from a specialist like an oncologist.
S.K.health offers effective cancer treatment service to all cancer patients. To know more about your cancer care treatment contacts them immediately to get proper and effective treatment.

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How To Naturally Dissolve Gallstones Without Surgery?

The main reason why surgery is not preferred as a treatment for gallstones is because it involves the removal of the entire gallbladder instead of just removing the stones. Instead, it is much better and safer to naturally dissolve gallstones.

In fact, most people that go in for gallbladder removal surgery regret it sooner or later because of all the harmful side effects. If you too suffer from gallstones it is essential that you know there are several methods available which will help you naturally dissolve gallstones.

There are many studies which have proven that gallbladder removal is only widely practiced in the Western part of the world. In other areas, people prefer to naturally dissolve gallstones instead.

If people understood the use of the gallbladder in the functioning of the digestive system of the body they would definitely not agree to get it removed. The gallbladder is where all the bile juices produced by the liver collect. As soon as your small intestine is filled with food, the gallbladder pours this bile juice into the intestine to help with the digestion of food.

If you remove your gallbladder, the liver will start depositing the bile juice continuously into the small intestine whether food needs to be digested or not. This will cause harmful side effects like vomiting, diarrhoea and nausea since the bile juices collect in the intestines without having anything to dissolve.

Regular recurrence of this will irritate the intestines a lot and can even lead to bowel or colon cancer as well. So you see, if you suffer from gallstones, it is advisable that you look for measures to naturally dissolve gallstones.

Here are some effective natural remedies to help you:-

1.You can include food that is rich with magnesium in your daily diet. There are many people that claim magnesium has an instant effect on those that suffer from gallbladder pains. It works by helping to dissolve the gallstones and therefore make it easier to pass them. Research has proven that a consumption of 400 mg of magnesium everyday can also help in the prevention of gallstone formation in the future.

2.Stay away from any foods that contain saturated fats. This will lower cholesterol production in the body. If cholesterol is high it will cause the hardening of bile juices and they will eventually turn into gallstones.

3.Eat a lot of fruit and vegetables that contain water soluble fibre. This also helps you flush your gallbladder and get rid of the bad cholesterol. This helps in lowering the level of cholesterol in the gallbladder and thus prevents bile juices from hardening.

4.Some researchers say that coffee is excellent for getting rid of gallstones. Coffee along with many other bitter foods is supposed to be able to dissolve gallstones and also promote the flow of bile juices.

If these remedies aren’t working for you, you could consider Kid Clear capsules. These herbal supplements are 100 % safe and have no side effects either. They help dissolve the gallstones in your body and also help prevent their formation. If you want a sure shot way of getting rid of gallstones from your body, try Kid Clear capsules.

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The Most Common Symptoms Of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

There are a number of symptoms that characterize Irritable Bowel Movement. Most patients display mild symptoms while some have more serious forms. The good thing though with irritable bowel movement is that while it may vary from mild to severe, it would not advance to more serious intestinal diseases such as colitis or cancer. This is due to the absence of inflammation in the intestinal muscles and a number of other aggravating conditions.

Symptoms vary from intensity to frequency. However, among the most prominent symptoms that occur in nearly all cases is diarrhea and constipation or an alternation between the two.

Constipation is either characterized with loose and watery stool. However, it may also be that the stool is too compacted which prevents the release from the anus.

Meanwhile, diarrhea is the condition of increased frequency in bowel movement. It is also marked with incontinence of stool which is similar to inability to control or delay bowel movement. There are also sudden strong urges for bowel movement which if not immediately addressed will result to incontinence. Incomplete evacuation is also felt wherein the person feels the need for a second bowel movement immediately after the first one. The succeeding ones though will be more difficult to expel.

There are some conditions that are related with diarrhea. To be able to define it clearly, let us site into the common symptoms that diarrhea has.

Inconsistency of stools. This basis alone can not be an absolute definition for diarrhea. Judging by the fact that our diet affects the hardness or softness of our stool, we cannot solely rely on this judgement in determining if we are affected with the condition.

People who eat lots of vegetables, fruits and fibers normally have looser stools while those who don’t have harder ones. Liquid-like stools though which are beyond normal stools are considered diarrheal.

Frequency of bowel movement. There is no fixed numbers of bowel movement per week that would justify the normality of bowel movement. Three in a day is normal while three times a week, depending on the habit of a person may also be considered normal. Below that bar will signify the irregularity of bowel movement. Nevertheless, half of the general population practices the one-time-a-day habit as “regular clean-up”.

But it is known that among healthy people, the maximum number of bowel movements is five times a day. Therefor, once they exceed this number then that would only be the moment that they can be considered to have diarrhea.

Diarrhea develops from abnormal rate of water content in the stool. For normal digestion, food is kept in liquid form through the help of water secretion from the upper small intestines, stomach gallbladder and the pancreas. Undigested foods then reach the small and the large intestines in liquid form.

The lower small intestine will then absorb the water from the undigested food, which will then turn this into a less watery substance with form.

However due to a number of reasons, this process do not occur with diarrhea. It may be due to the over secretion of water from the distal end of the small intestine, efficient absorption does not occur, or the undigested or digested food pass the small and large intestine too quickly that there is not enough time for them to remove the water from the stool.

Diarrhea, in general, contributes largely to the development and worsening of Irritable Bowel Movement. Knowing the nature of this condition will help facilitate cure both for the symptom of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and the disorder itself.

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How to eradicate Endometrial hyperplasia completely

Endometrial hyperplasia refers to the endometrial overgrowth caused by the inflammation, endocrine disorders, or some stimulant drugs. Endometrial hyperplasia may outbreak at any age including puberty, generative phase, menopausal period and peri-menopausal period. It is more common in adolescence with irregular menstruation and menopausal women. It is a reversible endocrine system disease.

Endometrial hyperplasia could bring many painful sufferings to women,

It will cause endocrine dyscrasia, leading to premature senescence.

It will induce infertility. Endometrial hyperplasia may inhibit the ovulation, thus causing infertility.

It will lead to heavy bleeding, causing shock. The main clinical manifestation of hyperplasia is abnormal vaginal bleeding. When the disease aggravates, the patient is likely to shock.

Endometrial hyperplasia really does great harm to females; the patients need to find the right treatment to minimize the damage. But how to eradicate it completely is a big problem.

Western medicine commonly uses progestin drugs to balance the disordered endocrine system. However, these drugs always have lots of side effects and require a long treatment course. In addition, the cure rate is relatively low, and the progestin drugs can even increase the incidence of endometrial cancer in postmenopausal women. And surgery always would bring great harms to body, which would take a long time to recovery. In some serious cases, the surgery would bring some complications to women, and these would torment them for a whole life time.

Compared with these two ways, traditional Chinese herbal medicine seemed to be the most suitable way to eradicate it. Traditional Chinese medical knowledge to analyze endometrial hyperplasia, endometrial glandular hyperplasia, endometrial stromal hyperplasia, endometrial adenosis and endometrial adenomatous hyperplasia are regarded as precancerous lesions of endometrial adenocarcinoma. Traditional Chinese medicine considers these precancerous lesions as the results of stagnation of Qi and blood.

Fuyan Pill is one of the most effective traditional Chinese herbal medicines. It can clear away heat and toxic material and then produce a positive effect against endometrial hyperplasia. Fuyan Pill focuses on detoxifying and sterilizing, and couples with the function of strengthening spleen and promoting urination, to achieve the objective of eliminating the pathological changes of endometrial bodiness.

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Omega 3 Keeping Thailand Heart Center Patients With Their Families

Omega 3 fatty acids were described in a 1992 article by William EM Lands, a biochemist, and while this was not the first that scientists knew of them, it was the beginning of their journey into the public consciousness. They are considered essential for normal growth in young children and animals, and are found in highest quantities in cold water oily fish such as salmon. Flax seeds, butternuts, walnut and pecans are also good sources of this essential substance. Omega 3 has been used to stunning effect in trials studying colon and breast cancer, pain relief, eye health, autism, mental cognition, macular degeneration, appetite suppressing, and treatment of depression.

However, their potential in treating heart disease could help thousands more people than all of these uses put together. We look at why Thailand heart centers and hospitals in Bangkok are putting Omega 3 on the list of standard treatments for heart disease.

A 17 year study of males without a history of heart disease recently published its results. It found that men with the highest concentration of Omega 3 fats in their blood were up to 80% less likely to suffer sudden death as a result of heart disease. A similar study covered women over 16 years, and found that those who ate fish two to four times weekly were at a 30% lower risk of developing heart disease, when compared with women who rarely ate fish. In countries where fish is a usual part of the diet, such as Japan and Thailand, heart disease rates are much lower. Thailand heart centers in Bangkok and Phuket are now starting to understand the impact that every aspect of diet can make on the progression of heart disease.

Omega 3 consumption reduces several of the most common risk factors that Thailand heart centers identify in cardiac surgery patients. The levels of blood triglycerides in patients who begin taking Omega 3 is reduced – so dramatically that in addition to preparing people for cardiac treatment in Thailand, Omega 3’s are used to treat people with pancreatic disease who do not respond to conventional drug treatment. Omega 3’s have also been shown to reduce the clotting factor in blood, meaning that they are a gentler (although less effective) alternative to Warfarin and other blood thinning drugs. If patients who have been taking Omega 3 do suffer a heart attack, it is less likely that the obstruction will be fatal.

If cardiac bypass surgery in Thailand or other cardiac surgery is needed, it is in the patient’s interests to have as low a blood pressure as possible. Both Bangkok Heart Hospital and Pattaya Hospital recommend blood pressures at the high end of a normal range. Omega 3’s have been shown to reduce blood pressure, and also reduce the inflammatory response. This anti-inflammatory property is most often touted for arthritis treatment, but is just as useful in treating heart disease.

The American Heart Foundation recommends eating oily fish at least two times per week (although many studies show that extra intake does not necessarily equate to extra benefits), including mackerel, tuna, salmon, sardines and herring. Patients under the care of Thailand heart centers should intake at least 1 gram of EPA and DHA daily, while patients who are trying to lower triglycerides in conjunction with Thailand hospital heart centers should eat 2-4 grams daily, in capsule form.

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Effective Home Remedies for Colon Cleansing and Detoxification

Colon cleansing means the process of removing toxins, food debris, mucus deposits, fecal matter accumulation, parasites, bad bacteria, and other wastes from the colon. Undoubtedly, an effective colon cleansing is very beneficial to improve the overall health, vitality and energy of your body. When the colon is packed with toxic substances and wastes, it can lead to the growth of bad bacteria in the abdomen and several other health issues like abdominal bloating, abdominal pain, digestive problems, diverticulitis, ulcerative colitis, constipation, fatigue, lack of energy, and obesity.

Colon cleansing is widely regarded as one the most effective and successful ways to increase the metabolic rate and to lose body fat and weight. It is helpful to reduce the risk of colon cancer, boost the immunity system, improve the digestive process, and to get rid of diarrhea, constipation, and gas problems. Colon cleansing facilitates the growth of good bacteria and removes harmful toxins and microorganisms from your body. Moreover, there are several simple, cost effective, easily available, and easy-to-use home remedies for colon cleansing. You can very easily cleanse your colon with the help of any of these methods.

Bentonite, a clay made from volcanic ash, is a natural colon cleansing agent. You can purchase it from your local health stores or online. Take one tablespoon of bentonite mixed with applesauce for a week and then increase the dose of bentonite to 4 tbsp daily. Consume this mixture in divided doses. You can also use coffee enema for cleansing your colon. This is a type of hydrotherapy and has traditionally been used to detoxify the body. It has been noted that coffee enema is very effective to eliminate toxins from the colon and liver. It will also motivate the production of intestine wall and liver enzymes and will improve the functions of liver and gallbladder.

Make one cup of strong organic coffee using three tablespoons of organic coffee and 1 and one-fourth cup of water. Let the coffee cool down to warm. Take a rubber ball syringe and pour the coffee into it. Insert the syringe into your anus and leave it there for two to three minutes. One of the simple home remedies for colon cleansing is to drink a cup of laxative herbal tea. Quite a few types of laxative teas are available in the market and buy one that suits your taste buds.

Another easy way to cleanse your colon is to increase the intake of fiber foods in your foods and drink plenty of water. It is advised to eat minimum 25 to 30 grams of fiber daily. Eat a lot of vegetables, fibrous fruits, legumes, and whole grains. Foods like flax seeds, yogurt, and psyllium husks or hulls are excellent home remedies for colon cleansing. Do appropriate exercises regularly. Drinking saltwater first thing in the morning is also best for colon cleansing. However, this method, known as saltwater flush, will also flush good bacteria out of your system and so if you are using this method, do not forget to take a probiotic supplement to restore the level of good bacteria.

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The Most Common Health Effects Of Obesity

When the weather gets warm, people start thinking about losing the weight they’ve gained over the winter months. But for many folks, losing weight isn’t a seasonal goal: it’s a lifetime struggle. If left unchecked, obesity may result: here are some of the health effects of this dangerous condition.

— Type 2 Diabetes: This most common form of diabetes cannot be relieved through the use of insulin. These kinds of diabetics produce enough insulin, but because of the overweight, glucose builds up in the body’s blood supply instead of getting into the body’s cells where it belongs. As a result, cells can’t function properly; in addition, high levels of glucose in the blood can eventually lead to eye, kidney, and heart damage.

Those who suffer from Type 2 diabetes are also more predisposed to hardening of the arteries which may lead to heart attack or stroke. It is a killer disease. The good news is that type 2 diabetes virtually disappears in those who lose the weight.

— Chronic heart disease and stroke: Obese people are twice as likely to have high blood pressure and therefore are at greatly increased risk of stroke. As mentioned previously, heart disease is a very real risk and rises with every 10 extra pounds of weight. The heart simply cannot pump hard enough to sustain the demands of supplying blood to all parts of a large body, and may eventually rebel in the form of a heart attack. The really scary part is that the heart attack may hit with no obvious warning signs. It’s like a ticking time bomb.

— Although it has been determined that overweight and obese persons are more likely to suffer from certain types of cancer, including colon and breast, the exact correlation between excess weight and developing cancers has not been determined.

It may be due to high-calorie, high-fat diets or it may be because of carrying around all that extra weight. Whatever the direct causes, it is agreed that keeping a body at a normal weight decreases the chances of developing these diseases. Other cancers related to obesity include uterus, gallbladder, cervix, ovary, and prostate.

— Arthritis: If viewed logically, it makes sense that overweight and obese people would be more likely to suffer from problems with their joints. Carrying extra pounds puts undue pressure and stress on the knees, hips, and lower back. Over time, the cartilage that protects these joints wears away, causing the advent of arthritis. Losing weight will immediately arrest the degeneration of these protective tissues.

If you have struggled with keeping within a normal weight range, are obese, and diet and exercise just don’t seem to work, you may want to consider looking into the different types of bariatric surgeries that are available today. For your health’s sake, it’s wise to not wait until the common risks associated with obesity rear their heads.

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